My eighth album has been released! "Parchment." Colorful character sketches about bonds between two people, or man and dog, or heart donor and recipient, are brought to life in this collection of upbeat love songs etched on "Parchment."



My new album, "Stick With It," is a funky, off-beat, rhythm and blues effort with techno rhythms and many unexpected twists. Edgiest album to date with sassy, satirical lyrics. "Stick With It" takes a scandalous look at emotional excess as it is found in the lives of public people.


I will be playing songs from "Wanderlust" at Miso Restaurant on March 25th with a full band. An afternoon show with opening act starting at 6. Space is limited so come early.

On March 13th, I will be in the studio of WPKN for an off-the-cuff interview with Bob D'Aprile on his show, "Connecticut Rocks." It's a weekly showcase of the Connecticut indie music scene. The Tuesday show starts at 11 PM (just after Daylight Savings Time, fortunately, so it will feel like 10.)


My latest release, "Wanderlust," is a collection of heartfelt ballads and character sketches sung with a folky twang, backed by a full band, humorous slices of life as may have once been sung by a traveling minstrel a long time ago who despite obstacles never gives up hope. Look for live shows in the future.


"Rose & Thorn" is hotter and more hard-driving than its predecessors. Coming on the heels of the humorous "Cheesecake," and the whimsical "Ancient Mariner," "Rose & Thorn" lets loose a volley of energy from the get-go,with precise crackling pop tunes leaving the listener little time to catch his breath. An album both of social protest and reconciliation, it is also filled with a number of feel-good love songs sacrificing none of the thoughtful lyrics one has come to expect from a Rod Mitchell album, about love, loss, and the hope of better days to come.

Rod Mitchell