Anita runs on the track with the devil at her back.
Faces hurdles then races ahead of the pack.
No hurdlers are better. She leads. They let her.
She leaps ahead, the field tries to go get her.

Anita has long hair and smiles with delight.
Seeing her there one stops to stare at her sight.
A shooting star going by in the midday sky.
Everyone she passes by wants to be her guy.
"What effort? None at all," she says and grins. Anita wins!

The world's a special place when you see grace.
To win the race of youth, "Slow and steady" is the truth.
Buds are forming on the trees with the birds and bees.
The world says, "Love me, please!"

C'mon, let's go! Or you'll never know.
Aiming at the heart, Cupid shoots his dart.
Jumps for joy, her lover boy. Spring is at its start!

Anita runs on the track, etc.
The world's a special place, etc.

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Rod Mitchell