Barbie Doll

As a little boy, played with my G.I. Joe doll.
Used to fight many wars, used to win them all.
As a little boy, I did not understand
Another kind of doll I would wish to command.

I'm looking for a real life Barbie doll, accessories and all, who will come when I call.
A breathing and breeding Barbie doll, one among them all.

Joe was kept in the closet holding bayonets
With baseball cards of the New York Mets.
I'd take him out to fight. By the end of the hour,
Enemy forces would be under his power.

He received a medal to "Commander G.I. Joe."
Returned the salute, off to battle he would go.
Had no easy life, in the midst of perfume kissed.
To this brave soul, no Fashion Barbies exist.

I'm looking, etc.

Would not betray his country to their female spies.
He shunned the power of their sparkling eyes.
Once he was captured- for a short time only.
A Russian girl freed him cause she was lonely.

Joe's back from the war. Barbie waits for a call.
She sells cosmetics in the middle of the mall.
Barbie hopes that Joe is looking for a date.
Joe lives in the closet with Ken, his playmate.

I'm looking, etc.

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Rod Mitchell