I sit before her and adore her. Best way to bore her. Truly, oh so truly.
Other things she'd rather do. Other places see. Look at you! Please look at me!

Humphrey Bogart's weariness, full of charm!
Toasting, lifts the glass, man of class who causes no alarm.
Make one thing clear! Just to have you near is more precious than wine and beer.
Soaring overhead, love should fly instead as part of our daily bread.

When Bogie hears a sad song, women ask, "What's wrong?" through his tears,
through his tears.
Never has to drink alone with no calls on his phone, guzzling beers, guzzling beers.

Humphrey Bogart's weariness, etc.

Bogie knows every rule, leading the School of Cool!

A lush out of work comes off like a jerk who will lurk, who will scare.
A lush with beery breath will bore girls to death when they want one to care.

Humphrey Bogart's weariness, etc.

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Rod Mitchell