Yes, I love you. I'm breathless. Like fish in the sea, I'm breathless.
You know I struggle when you go away. You've caught me on your line.
With you I'll stay.

Will you deceive me? I'm breathless. Will you dangling leave me? I'm breathless.
The hook's in my eye. I can't ignore you. Till the day I die, my love is for you.

She's got me in hot water. She's caught me. Have I caught her? I'm breathless.
Love's deathless. You make me breathless. Breathless. Breathless.

Will you bring me down to earth? I'm breathless. Take my love for what it's worth.
I'm breathless.
Fresh out of luck, in the discard pile, through the muck see your sweet smile.

Is love your wish? I'm breathless. I'm a poor fish. I'm breathless.
Take care before you throw me back! What good is fortune when love you lack?
She's got me in hot water, etc.

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Rod Mitchell