Choose it! Use it! Abuse it! Then lose it!

Have done some crazy things in the past. Hoped our love would last.
Tried to forget you-yes, I've tried to remember how you lied,
Like the story of the busted car outside.

Remember when your car had a dent? It was no accident.
Your boyfriend paid for that car. You won't get far.
You're still in his debt. Yes, you are!

My trust is busted! I must adjust to a busted trust.
With some disgust, I've come to discover your jealous lover.

Choose it! etc.

Why should it surprise you that he would terrorize you?
The car was no Cadillac but it was a deep black.
The color of "Stop! No turning back!"

I'm a nice guy all over, one your friend might run over.
In the mirror, from the rear, a ghost may soon appear,
Yelling "Look who's here!" Behind the wheel let me steer!

My trust, etc.

Does your boyfriend call at night saying, "It's all right?"
Is there something that you owe? Can you say "No?"

Choose it! etc.

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Rod Mitchell