Comfort Level

When I'm with you, I try to calm down. Should I settle in this town?
I can't keep my feet upon the ground when I know you're coming round.

Will I see you even more? Keep your door open just for me!
How can it be? To see you oh, so easily.

Your sweet caress, oh yes! filled with loveliness.
Your lips to press: oh yes! Won't settle for less.
The comfort level is where I find a level with you.
Forever and ever, to find that comfort level with you.

I always dream about you. If I could make dreams come true,
I would want to make love to you. I always dream about you.
I think too much - much too much. I dream too much - much too much.
I think too much about you. Yes, I do!

When I see you, I feel really strange: Feelings rearrange.
Restlessness appears when you are near. Can't get my head clear.
Could I only see your face, wouldn't care to see another place.
Follow your trace. Just chase and chase your charm and grace!
Your sweet caress, etc.

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Rod Mitchell