A woman lay dying, her heart open-wide, while doctors probed inside.
They conceded with gloom, a heart was needed or doom.
A man through better or worse gave his heart when they kissed first.
His vow was no lie! He gave his heart. He'd rather die than see her depart!

Out of his mouth will fly his heart, drop at her feet someday.
The two of them must live apart. His thoughts are turned her way.
Nerves stretch into sighs. He takes a short, quick breath.
Yes, out of his mouth his heart soon flies. Forever hers till death!

Unendingly, love will remain. Defending her rocked his brain.
His heart will break. What a saint! For her sake, he fell in a faint.
A sound rose from the floor. 'Twas his heart. He breathed no more.
Better to be her donor than alone with no heart to call his own.

Out of his mouth, etc.

When night falls in its gloom and she's sitting in her room,
Her shadow cast on the wall, she will recall he gave his all.
The look in his eyes will haunt her at last. Her heart beats fast.
An alarm goes off with a boom! His spirit seems to enter the room.

Out of his mouth, etc.

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Rod Mitchell