Ferris Wheel

"Ferris wheels are not my style," she told me the other day.
The luster faded from her smile. "You want me to go? No way!"

Last time on a Ferris wheel with her boyfriend by her side,
Up her pants he copped a feel. She yelled: "Please stop the ride!"

As the wheel went up, up, up, her pants came down, down, down.
The man she thought the cutest pup turned out to be a clown.
As the wheel went up, up, up, her pants (2nd chorus: Hopes. 3rd: Rage) came down, down, down. Folks at the bottom looked up as the full moon flashed in town.

He pinched her and she squealed. She adjusted her brassiere.
Hopping mad, she would not yield. He told her not to fear.
He reached down to her girdle and let his fingers roam.
Then he gave a full pull and she screamed, "Take me home!"

As the wheel, etc.

She punched him in the lips when the cad sprung his trap.
In the midst of many dips, his hands dropped in her lap!
She stood up in her chair and cursed the worst of men.
Ferris wheels are too great a scare. She will never ride again!
As the wheel, etc.

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Rod Mitchell