Gail stubs her toe. The wind will blow, flying high and low.
Her thoughts soar in air. Her pilot flies there. Life can be unfair!
Under a spell since they first kissed. Her pilot is missed!

The pilot mourns his life as he flies overhead.
With no Gail by his side, his heart is dead!

Ground down, ground up. Coffee picks him up.
Flies high, throttles up. He downs another cup.
No time losing, now the plane is cruising.
Takes another sip. Ready to let her rip!
What is he doing? Love pursuing. His forces sag as time will drag.
As the plane goes on its way, one long dream on her team!

What a mess! Cabin pressure is less. Faster he will press.
Soft air he sighed. He sweeps to Gail's side.
Mouths are open-wide. What a bumpy ride!

The pilot on his way, meets turbulent delay.
In the air must stay. He's late! What will Gail say?

Ground down, etc.

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Rod Mitchell