A mob's outside my door. Can't go out anymore.
Armed with guns and knives, snuff out innocent lives.
Spreading a net, out to get the Jews. Never forget!

Shouting as they pass then the sound of shattered glass.
"Round them up!" They scream out. "Find the Jew and snuff him out."
Best man wins! No sin! Genocide begins.
Night and day driven away from where we pray!

Tears and screaming. No! You're not dreaming.
What do you ask for? What's your bloody task for?
Blood is spattered as if it hardly mattered.

Shouting, etc.

Ghetto is closed down leaving a ghost town.
Where happy life reigned, not a soul remained.
Dust shaken from their shoes. First the land then life they lose.

Shouting, etc.

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Rod Mitchell