Getting advice from grandpa, dig it! Getting advice from him.
Only to do nothing with it. God bless him!

Grandpa was a sage, making at my age a ton of money, his life was sunny.
If I go to school, I'd be no one's fool. He'll pay my way! Help is cool!

The talk ends on a sad note. Will I sink or float?
Nothing to say but go my own way as an iceberg hits my boat!

Grandpa was a sage, etc.

He warns me, when I ask it: "Don't keep your eggs in one basket."
That I did and opened the lid. Eggs fell with one smash hit! Smash hit! Smash hit!

Thunder and lightning, frightening! Soars over my head.
Grandpa is enlightening but I'm not easily led.
What he's telling me is, I have no ears to hear.
Get my act together! The message is so clear.

He warns me, etc.

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Rod Mitchell