Guns Kill

If you're taking a pill cause you're mentally ill, guns kill! They will!
If you're a man divided by neighbors derided, guns kill! They will!
When inside is a hell which you know damn well love cannot fill.
When a sudden eruption takes the path of destruction, blood you want to spill.
Guns kill! Guns kill! Guns kill!

You're out of your head. Your life is so dead. Guns Kill! They will!
You have no right to. You hate those who fight you. Guns kill! They will!

No one's there to console you when your plans fall through.
No one's there to control you no matter what you do.
Think you are an outlaw, always on your own.
Hold the world in awe after they made you feel alone. Guns kill!

Where have your hands been? On the trigger of sin.
Problems will stay. Want to blow them away! Blow them away! Blow them away!
If you're taking a pill, etc.

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Rod Mitchell