Yes, I'm such a leach, one you can't reach despite all that you preach about handouts.
Don't care what you teach. I'll just lie on the beach waiting for each new handout.

Handouts! Keep it going! Handouts! Don't be slowing handouts.
I want some more handouts! Handouts!
I've got such a need for handouts. Got to feed on handouts.
Would even plead for handouts.

Help me, friends! I need to talk. There's an angel who can walk.
Since earthly love has it's price, rich women would be nice.
Handouts, etc.

Maybe someday, maybe far away, the Lord will stretch his handout.
Nothing to pay. Will I get there someday? Accept the greatest handout.

Handouts I'm losing on cheap boozing, cruising where girls stand out.
Want a girl to adore who gives to the poor. What's my life for? One more handout!
Handouts, etc.

The beauty around me tends to confound me. The flowery ground, how it stands out.
Want all the world's bounty, richest man in the county, thanks to you and your handout!
Handouts, etc.

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Rod Mitchell