Hanging In

Hey! Poor man. Have you done all that you can? Or have your plans gone awry?
It's the way things go. Hot with hope then see it snow. Pardon me! I don't mean to pry.
Don't let the boozing begin! Some who start by losing, win if they keep hanging in.

Scratching and clawing, on their fingernails gnawing. Just keep hanging in.
Derailed and beaten, they still don't weaken. Just keep hanging in.

Has the check bounced? Is bankruptcy announced? Does the world seem an empty place?
Luck comes unannounced. Serendip? How's that word pronounced?
Or do you miss a special face?
Bad luck's got you by the throat. Still don't hit a sour note.
Hold up your chin. Just keep hanging in!

Your life's rearranged and still hasn't changed. Just keep hanging in.
Don't like the lay-out? Find a way out. Just keep hanging in.

Reached a dead-end? Have you lost your best friend? Is your friend the dog Rover?
Whoever loves you or not, give your new plan a shot!
One other than your dog may come over.
Though your chances seem thin, you won't know what might have been
Unless you keep hanging in.

Use your skill, you can get up the hill. Just keep hanging in.
Forget excuses. Turn up the juices! Just keep hanging in.
Strumming or twanging, humming or banging, keep hanging in.

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Rod Mitchell