Party of five, six, seven or eight? One at the bar would be great.
Party of two? Lovers too? Private booth for food and booze.
Party of three? Three's a crowd. Two are fine, the third is loud.
Party of four? Bottle to pour. Refilling and the table will roar.
Party of five? When will food arrive? Yes, your waiter is still alive.
Party of five? We did not forget. Yes, your food will get here yet!

I'm the happy host here to greet you, glad to meet you! Ready to seat you!
What meals we have to treat you! So, eat them! Please do! (3rd chorus: Our food.)

Party of six? Some hicks and a redneck. No one picks up the check.
Party of seven? Heaven! Love the food. Still in a party mood.
Party of eight? You are too late! Spread yourselves out on the floor.
Party of nine drinks wine. They love it. Happy table! Wish I was part of it.
Party of ten and no reservations? Food we've got. Eat it in the lot!
Party of twenty? That is plenty. Now hear this! Here's one big kiss!

I'm the happy host, etc.

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Rod Mitchell