Why are you cawing loudly, O crows! Are you mourning your land?
Somber old crows, where the corn grows, new houses will stand.
During the fall, casting a shadow, they circle the desolation.
Amid the corn turned up by the plow stands a foundation.

The announcement has been made. New pavement must be laid.
Houses stand where I once played. Chainsaws out. Good-bye shade!
Raise your head! Trees are cut down on the land of Farmer Brown.
Traffic runs through open space as people move from place to place.

To enter the house, no need for keys. Drop in is what you do.
The basement floor is all one sees but there's a charming view.
Surrounding trees are red and gold as the sun sets to the west.
Leafy trees, as of old, cling to life and look their best.

The announcement, etc.

This skeletal house, made of cement - what an ugly sight!
Wish I knew what it all meant and things would turn out right!

The announcement, etc.

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Rod Mitchell