If You Love Someone

Wish I could see the morning light tomorrow shine on you.
Wish I was your's and you were mine, our love so true.

If you love someone, let her go. If she comes back then you'll know
Her love is more than a game if she feels the same.

Free to make your decision. Leave it up to your vision.
The road will be hard to cross feeling your loss.

After your love I have found, feel like turning completely around.
Touch the hallowed ground where our love was crowned.
Stare at you in love without a sound.

Oh, the week that was! Oh, what your love does!
Sky is crystal clear when your love is near. Dear, oh dear! Wish you were here.

The world is much too wide. Now I want you by my side.
I can't stay far apart from your dear heart.

You know our true love vow? It's what I'm thinking of now.
It's all I wish to know now I must go.
After your love, etc.

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Rod Mitchell