I'm the joker and the joker's back! Drive the joker down deep in the pack,
And he's back at the top of the stack!

It's a really kind of funny thing when the joker becomes the king.
Laugh and sing! He's ready for anything.

I'm the joker: a laughingstock upon this earth.
I'm the joker: I'll give you your money's worth.
I see love slipping away with all the color changing to grey.
Love fell down! Laugh, you clown!

I'm hilarious! I'm just so funny but I cry inside without my honey.
You know, my life is not always sunny.

If you do not laugh, the joker may die. So split your sides and don't ask "Why?"
Smack me in the face with a custard pie.
I'm the joker, etc.

The joker must be a real wild card. Sometimes the crowd can get real hard.
Run him out of town feathered and tarred!

The joker from his isolation booth will crack jokes that tell the truth.
Laugh, clown, laugh! You're such a goof.
I'm the joker, etc.

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Rod Mitchell