I love the girl who lives on the hill and to my joy, she loves me still.
Still her boy, her one big joy, the source of all my strength and skill.
Home by the fire? No, not she! She comes where I work and watches me.
I smash rocks with heavy knocks then look where she will be.

Take one step back then forwards. Ready to move towards you.
Throw my arms about you as life goes rushing forwards!
Read the book within our eyes, exchange a love that never dies.
If the book needs a cover, let it be white. I'll be (I am) your gallant knight!

Let me be your gallant knight who will turn each wrong to right.
Scatter roses to show the way and for success be sure to pray.
It's my dream! May it come to pass, though dreams are frail as glass.
In every way want to serve you. That is the knightly thing to do!

Take one step, etc.

Her bright smile sends off a shock, melting hearts hard as a rock.
Both sweet and stormy, she sits before me, under strong wedlock.
When the two of us are far apart, her image stays in my heart.
The girl on the hill, I love her still and will till death do us part.

Take one step, etc.

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Rod Mitchell