The man Tara was waiting on turned out to be a leprechaun:
"Let my glass flow to the brim." Tara turned and cried: "It's him!"
"Bonny lassie," (he would say) "Come with me and far away
Over the rainbow we will play beneath the sun's joyful ray.
Have you heard in stories old of the fabled pot of gold?
You, my treasure will behold, and all my secrets will unfold."

The party was on and the leprechaun toasted over and over with a four leaf clover.
He took a spin. "Let the party begin!" She refilled his cup and he drank it up.

He grabbed Tara at the wrist and more than once her hand he kissed.
"The rainbow that shines in the mist is the land where we exist!
Think of the bright wonderland that will lie in your command.
Come with me!" He took her hand as Tara his face scanned.
"Who would trust a leprechaun?" she asked. "All this I'll think upon."
"I'll come for you," he vowed, "At dawn." She looked up - but he was gone.

The party was on, etc.

"My tips! My tips! Who stole my tips?" Tara cried with panting lips.
"My tip dollars are gone!" she hollers. Then her buttons she rips.
The leprechaun has bit the dust! The dollars stole, left behind crust.
When again, she meets the wee man, Tara will show her disgust!

The party was on, etc.

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Rod Mitchell