Little Boy Man

Little Boy man, go get him! Don't let him stay a Little Boy man.
Little Boy man, throw the book at him! Don't look at him and his master plan.
Little Boy man, trick or treat up the street and sets up a meeting.
Little Boy man, for shame! Take the blame! You deserve a beating.

He's a speck of dust filled with lust. Flick him off! Sneeze or cough.
Big or small, don't depend at all on the Little Boy Man.
He is not a good friend at all, the Little Boy Man.
Little boy man doing all he can to lure a little boy fan.
Grownups are bad-the world is to blame. Slaps boys on the can.

He says, "Nobody's seen us! This is just between us.
Turn me in and you're lying. Please stop crying!
I tried to save you with what I gave you.
Please forgive me! Go and live free!"

Off the boy ran, crying, "Help me, if you can from the Little Boy man!
Save me from his ugly face again!"

He's a speck of dust, etc.

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Rod Mitchell