Party Boy

Thunderstruck! On the high road to riches. Looking for sex from hos and bitches.
Horny bastard, your body itches. Party boy!

She's a cake topped with sugar icing. Something's happening, O so surprising.
Excitement in your pants is rising. Party boy!

All shook up - the music's playing. "One more shot!" that's what you're saying.
Hope good luck's in your way laying. Party boy!

Out all day in the bright hot sun. Now is the time to f--- someone.
Toast your brains and have some fun. Party boy!

That girl really is a beauty. In a G-string, she looks so cutie.
Suck your balls like tutti-frutti. Party boy!

Scatter money! Wealth is a bubble. Use your credit card -that's no trouble.
Bank accounts will fall into rubble. Party boy!

Party's over! You're back on the street. How many hot babes did you meet?
World is spinning. It's time to eat! Party boy!

You've learned a lesson, don't forget. The more she drinks, the more you'll get.
Later - maybe. Right now - not yet! Party boy!

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Rod Mitchell