Men can be such pricks though they don't act the same.
When something happens, a prick will take the blame.

Angry men count the cost, ticked off after having lost.
Angry men react quickly, in a manner that is prickly.

Dictatorially, they prove their own authority.

Prick, prick. You're such a prick! Insults laid on really thick.
Prick, prick. You're such a prick! A cynical social critic.
A prick who hates what's new, in love with his point of view.
A swollen tick who makes you sick, a nasty little prick.

Stick your tongue out at the rules. Rank people down as fools.
Do the trick and pretty quick, step right up, a first class prick!

Prick, prick. You're such a prick! Touch people to the quick.
Prick, prick. You're such a prick! On the helpless you will pick.

Pricks are locked away, shut off from the light of day,
Raving from the darkest cave, always with a lot to say.
Persnickity, they are picky and prickly.

Prick, prick. You're such a prick! Someone we would love to kick.
Lose friends one by one till your prickly life is done.
If you mess with pricks, beware! Claw at you like a bear.
Fall into disgrace, behind your back, not to your face.

Before he's laid out in his grave, pickle his precious prick, then save.

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Rod Mitchell