Listen to my horror story, one that shakes me up at night.
A gory story without glory only good for a long fright.
The bitter taste of the raging sea, a boat capsizing suddenly.
A shark attacks with massive jaws, teeth as sharp as power saws.

The shark in all its glory, its jaws red and glory, never seems to tire.
In the water it will glide, scaring fish that hide, then swoops down swift as fire, raging fire.

It's a many toothed attack right into the victim's back!
Teeth on top make up for the fact of what the bottom lacked.
The tidal wave engulfs us. The ship splits open wide.
Here comes the shark! It gulps us as we slip over the side.
The shark, etc.

Cling to the boat and hold it fast. The shark breaks your hold at last.
Watch out! There's a row of teeth cutting through the coral reef.
The shark, etc.

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Rod Mitchell