Sk8er Girl

Little city skateboarder, spins her wheels as she goes forward.
Little city skateboarder, she's under control as down the sidewalk she will roll.
The wheels turn. She will learn about potholes. Take it to another gear.
Down the steep slope without fear. Smoothly rides away from here!

Lean forward! Don't look back! Keep your eyes on the track.
Love to skate by your side. Sky above is open wide.

Little city skateboarder with the tattoo on her shoulder.
Little city skateboarder, her heart is racing. As she jumps it's so amazing.
Bends her knees. Spins one eighty degrees. Take it to another gear.
Keep going when the cops appear! Smoothly rides away from here!

Lean forward! etc.

I know that you won't admit how strongly the pavement hit.
Keep trying to rise above it. Skateboarding, we love it!
Lean forward! etc.

Skate, skate, skate, skateboarder. Does she know how we adore her?
Skate, skate, skate, skateboarder. Menace to the social order.

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Rod Mitchell