The band playing on the stage was hissed as I slam-danced in a rage - and missed.
I'm known as a guy who dances well. Are you ready to catch me if I fell?

One small step for mankind, one large leap for a man.
Man, I'm trying to unwind the best that I can.

Blow me away with music! I've got nothing to do.
I get an enormous kick out of being kicked by you.

Overboard - man overboard and crashing to the floor.
The crater's edge I'm going toward. My home life is a bore.

Took an enormous leap into space. Someone moved. I fell upon my face.
Once my bloody nose had dried, another leap from the stage I tried.

Gung ho! Watch out below for my headlong leap.
Putting on a good show, I crumble in a heap.

So you don't get out much? Want someone to care?
Are you looking for a crutch, hope someone else is there?

Crazy things are happening and man, how I am proud!
In this chaos, I'm the King! I'm laughing out-loud!

The band, etc.

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Rod Mitchell