It's a quiet night and the world seems right. Stars shine so bright in the spheres.
You know, I tried in darkness to hide. Have walked outside with my fears.
No rain or thunder fills one with wonder. Sad feelings kept under tonight.
Peace as it should be. Life as it could be. Feel so good. All is right.

I'm running to you faster than ever before.
It's strange. I could change, but what for?
Thought I would grow out of it, but now I can't quit.
I'm a fool in love like before.

You're the one I think of near and far.
You're the one I love, yes, you are!
As stars above are beaming, I can't stop dreaming,
Searching for love like before.

Nice place to visit. But joy, where is it? As outside I wander.
Let Heaven's rage rock this age! No! Turn the page. Look yonder.
Lightning come down, the sky frown, rain drench the town as a sign
That all is not right! Beautiful night! Love, sit tight, you are mine.

As the evening star glows, keep it in! Still love grows. Heaven knows!

I'm running to you, etc.

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Rod Mitchell