What's a rich man to do when he finds out
Rags are riches, hags and bitches for his petting zoo?
When his trouble starts to bubble like a witches' brew, what's he gonna do?

Sex crimes and disorder, then the hocus pocus of the laws.
FBI's recorder pressed the button down on pause.
It's the same old thing! Who's to blame? What a shame!
Give the law a ring! He'll explain everything. You were caught in a sting!

What's a poor boy to do when he finds out
His defense: Presidents do the same crimes too?
His cause is lost. He's double-crossed without a break. Pay for his mistake!

Sex crimes, etc.

Slip out the door in the night! Keep your footsteps light!
What you want, she sells! And no tale tells.

Politicians are through when we find out what they're doing is just screwing you.
What's this? A secret kiss. It's troubling to know!

Sex crimes, etc.

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Rod Mitchell