Rainy season came and went. Need the sunshine that you lent
To my life so badly spent wandering through the night.

Sunshine, coming closer, closer through my windowpane.
Everyone who knows her must call her by that name.
Sunshine, shining sweetly, treat me to your light.
I love you so completely. Smile, sunshine, through the night!

When you are near, clouds disappear and darkness turns to light.
When you are near, the sky is clear, stars sparkling through the night!

Dreams of love hold me fast under the strong spell you cast.
The sky has been so overcast since when last we met.
Overwhelmed by desire, I forgot what true love meant.
Love like yours burns like fire that is heaven-sent.

Love is strong. My love grows, the longer you disappear.
Love is strong. Right or wrong till the day you reappear.

Sunshine, etc.

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Rod Mitchell