Sweeter Than Wine

I think the world about you though I'm upset with the world today.
I follow the news. Nothing's about you. The best news seems to slip away.
Bad luck seems to make the paper. Catch a break and nobody cares.
If boy meets girl, goes on to rape her: That's a story, and everyone stares!

Cause bad luck grabs the headline and folly fills the page,
The lengthy unemployment line and the drop in monthly wage.
The good news is: you are mine. That to me takes center stage.
Yes, your love is sweeter than wine, and gets better with age.

To stop thinking, I took to drinking. Stayed up late through the night,
Sleepless at the lamplight blinking, hoping things would turn out right.
Am I any good at all? Why is it I'm not getting the breaks?
Will I rise or will I fall? Will there be even more mistakes?

Cause bad luck, etc.

On a lonely walk always thinking, "What will come next?"
With no one special could I talk unless they were oversexed.
I loved a deaf-dumb mute. Thought at last I was understood.
Still she looked kind of cute. To win her, did all I could.

Cause bad luck, etc.

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Rod Mitchell