Tanya the slender bartender shakes up drinks and fills the blender slow.
No one does a better job as queen of the mob, till it's time for everyone to go.

Time with her moves forwards. I am moving towards her.
Bored without her! I'm mad about her as time moves forwards.
Take her off to warmer climes where we'll have such happy times.
Bright sunbeams and pleasant dreams inspire happy rhymes.

Tanya likes to say "No!" Hard to get, you know? Let's go to a movie show! No?
Step outside? No? You're joking! Now she's smoking! I drink like a fish down below.

Time with her I'm craving, where palm trees are waving.
Balmy breeze, a life of ease as time with her I'm craving.
Happiness deserving, ordering not serving.
Back and forth goes, on her toes, loyalty unswerving.

One lesson she learned, from men she may get burned. She turns them down flat.
Not me! I never lie. Truth in strong supply. Goodbye! Can you say "no" to that?

Time with her moves forwards, etc.

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Rod Mitchell