Tim works out at the gym. Girls fall over him.
Tania says he's boring. Loves to be scoring.

A hunk who gets drunk, he will flex quads and pecs. Tim is both slim and trim.
Oversexed, from one to the next. There's no stopping him!

Tim says it's a lie, he's not a wild guy. After drinking juice, Tim will cut loose.

What I see is not what I get. Beauty is caught in Tim's net!
Feeling my dependency, she is only friends with me.

Chase her he would. Conditions are good. "Come with me! Can ya?" he asks Tania.

A hunk, etc.
Tim says it's a lie, etc.

Playing with sin, Tim tried to win. Blood got hotter, so he got her.
They work out at the gym, both Tania and Tim.
Best of luck to him! As she falls over him.

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Rod Mitchell