The last night of December, do you remember?
Wearing a red gown, watched the year wind down.
With a ribbon in your hair, love was in the air
And people dancing everywhere in town.

First night of the year raise your glass with cheer.
She shines like the sun, drying every tear.
What's done is done. Welcome the new flame!
Happy New Year! Love must be her name.

Your red dress was embossed with beating hearts lost,
The reason that red stain came at such great cost.
What blood had to drain for the ribbon and the lace!
As your bright face spread joy around the place.

Like a rose of red or white in the dark night,
No need for you to talk, around you they will stalk.
When men are near the place, where your stem is bent
They lean forward and gather in the scent.
First night, etc.

Within the bud, some pest is willing to rest,
But the rose will blush red and turn her head.
The rose waits for the sun, when night is done,
With awesome power opens every flower.

When beauty is so near one may drop a tear
On petals of white hue shining with the dew.
Why preach to the rose till her bud will close?
Enough her beauty shows and gently grew.

Everyone here raise your glass with cheer!
Shine like the sun drying every tear.
What's done is done! So glad you came.
We toast in love's name.

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Rod Mitchell