You who I used to care for, danced in my underwear for,
And lay in bed bare for. Nothing's the same.
You know, you really knew me. Your looks go right through me.
Why do you want to screw me? Play the blame game.

The courtroom's the same and the plaintiff's to blame.

Words said when love has started now sound retarded.
Laughed at jokes till we farted, too good to be true.
Love dies when it's not fed hot breakfast served in bed.
Why slam me on the head? Doo be doo be doo!

Time was under love's power I plucked for you a flower,
Wiled away the passing hour pissing in the shower.
When love is on the wane, true hearts go insane.
Tarzan's yell to his Jane is showing strain.

The circus is the same and the clowns are to blame.

Can't turn back the clock. (Oh, you clown!) Our love's an old sock
(Oh, you bum!) Worn by a sweaty jock, only a fake. True love shows renewal,
(Oh, you worm!) Not grubby like a garden tool.
Let's stop playing the fool! Admit our mistake.(Oh, you snake!)

The song is lame. Ain't that a shame?

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Rod Mitchell