What If

I'm tired of thinking "What if?" Sighing, dreaming, thinking "What if?"
What if I chose you - and you chose me?
And love will go the distance, conquer all resistance in its way.

I'm tired of playing this game. I love you! Do you feel the same way?
What if I told you - you told me - we'll spend our lives together?
Forever and ever, come what may.

Love you come what will, then to love you still. From the break of day, one eternal ray.
Yesterday's dreams will be our future. Your bright eyebeams light up my future.
Never thought I would feel such bliss sharing a kiss.

I've a catch in my throat. Trying my best but can't hit a note.
What if we make up and take up the loving cup of gladness
And banish all sadness from our hearts?

Who needs a match to ignite? A warm summer breeze and a starry night.
What if I love you and keep you? And do the same with me too.
Two hearts, two souls, never to part.

Love you come what will, etc.

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Rod Mitchell