What's the Shame

What's the shame in being bald?
Silly words that you are called from tangled heads of hair.
Why should you even care? Long silky hair you've got, tied neatly in a knot.
What makes your head so hot and smooth one's can't compare?

What's the problem with small tits? Why is a nose with zits such a big deal?
So your nose has a little pimple and her tits are simply hard to feel,
At least they are real! Are they simply hard to feel?

What's the shame of going broke? Or having a good smoke despite the doctors warning?
Sleep in throughout the morning? Who cares if I'm a slacker, and my lungs are getting blacker, and I am a midnight snacker who would eat anything.

What's the problem, etc.

What's the shame in getting paid off after you made off with cash in trust?
Say you're sorry, be forgiven by those you've driven in the dust, living on crust,
by those you've driven in the dust.

What's the shame in being me as you download songs for free and I don't get a dime?
Cause you don't see the crime. Since you get so much pleasure, go ahead and take my treasure. Rip off songs at your leisure, get busted, sued and do hard time!

What's the problem, etc.

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Rod Mitchell